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M.I.T. Consulting Ltd.


Working with Us

M.I.T. Consulting has a proven track record since 1990 of working closely with its customers. We help them identify their focus areas, build and enhance their life science and health care businesses. Naturally, we tailor our activities to the specific needs of each customer.

We understand the governance, the current and future challenges and the drivers of change within health care. We are proud of having been and being successful on the projects we take responsibility for.

We work by a unique combination research and analysis tools. These tools allow us to quickly diagnose, prioritize and resolve key challenges and to manage complexity by working side by side with our customers. Together with our customers we create visionary and strechable strategies and operative solutions.

Our expertise in pharmaceuticals, diagnostics and medical devices enable us to research and assess available opportunities and guide proactively research institutions, start-ups and established companies. We focus on meeting the strategic, commercial and developmental challenges of our customers and identify hurdles and best-worst case scenarios as we seek to manage risks and solve quality and regulatory challenges. We can offer constructing of strategic scenarios and their further development into roadmap from early discovery through non-clinical R&D eventually to clinical development. The roadmap will include strategic decision points in terms of portfolio, investments and commercialization. We have international contacts and always provide a global perspective to scenarios.

We also run audits and customized training sessions that may focus on one or several aspects of the development process. Examples include process and project management, and regulatory and quality aspects of drug, medical device and diagnostics development. 

These services are fundamentally based on entrepreneurship, process identification, on mapping and developing process organization and core competences. We take pride in making fair, clear and pragmatic recommendations. We take into consideration the project at its overall environment. We aim at improving the business and performance of our customers and for their continued success.