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StatFinn Oy

StatFinn Oy provides statistical and data management services to companies and organisations conducting experimental research in the fields of pharmaceutical development, medical research and food industry.

Our people have a strong background with long experience in application of statistical methods in pharmaceutical, medical and epidemiological research. Our focus is on application of proper statistical methods in planning and conduct of research. The added value of these services to the customer is realised in properly planned, sized and conducted studies without the need to invest on own statistical and data management expertise or equipments as fixed costs.

The customer focus is one of our basic values and we provide our services with full flexibility. The customer can have us as permanent members of their multi-disciplinary operative teams and work processes or as an external pool of expertise on as needed basis.

Contact Information

Pasi Korhonen
e-mail: gsm: +358-50-365 2990


StatFinn Oy

Tekniikantie 21
FIN-02150 Espoo