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M.I.T. Consulting Ltd.


Our Partners

Piet IJzer BV

Piet IJzer BV is Netherlands based consulting company specialised in management and turnaround consulting owned and run by a Finn. The experience areas include Biotechnology, Cosmetics, Detergents, Consumer goods, Institutional & Industrial Cleaning Products and Equipment.

Gofun Oy

Gofun Ltd is a Finnish company that provides consulting, coaching and training to Social- and Healthcare sector. Our core competence is nursing services.

StatFinn Oy

StatFinn Oy provides statistical and data management services to customers conducting experimental research in the fields of pharmaceutical industry, medical research and food industry.

MediDocs Ltd.

MediDocs Ltd is a Finnish company specialized in producing, revising, editing and translating medical and pharmaceutical texts. We also provide clinical trial and drug development services.