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Marjut Ranki-Pesonen

Career & Task Overview

  • Head of Department in pharmaceutical industry
    • Biotechnology laboratory (13 yrs)
    • Development of inhaled drug products (9 yrs)
    • Pharmacogenomics and biomarkers (5 yrs)
  • Project management
    • Leader of several cross-functional projects
      • From discovery of innovative analysis technology to development and commercialisation of diagnostic products; several tests for microbial diagnosis and detection of single nucleotide polymorphisms for genetic testing
      • Development and regulatory approval of several inhaled drug products
      • Integration of genomics into drug discovery and R&D process
      • Planning and implementation of a biobanking system for the management of pharmacogenetic samples and data
  • Special skills
    • Team building
    • Networking between academic institutions and industry (national and international)
    • Leadership of processes introducing major cultural changes in pharmaceutical operations
      • Implementing genomics in the pharmaceutical product research
  • Assistant professor (docent)
    • 90 scientific publications in molecular virology, molecular diagnostics and drug development
  • Editor of the leading Finnish scientific medical journal Duodecim (20 yrs)
    • Editor of editorials