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M.I.T. Consulting Ltd.


M.I.T. Consulting Ltd. is a specialized consulting company with expertise, knowledge and experience that focuses on health care and life sciences.

We provide innovative solutions to customers who face complex challenges. We provide guidance and solutions to strategy, organization, business and product development as well as reaching operational excellence. We help in critical decision making.

M.I.T. Consulting Ltd. was founded in 1990 with the credo: Doing Things that Stand Viewing and Reviewing

  • Strategic analysis

    New M.I.T. report published: Strategic analysis of the pharma business.

    Please visit our site and download at M.I.T. Reports.

  • New consultant

    New consultant joins M.I.T. Consulting Ltd. Marjut Ranki-Pesonen, MD PhD has joined our team. Her background is in Orion Pharma.

  • M.I.T. Short Report

    M.I.T. Short Report on Finnish pharma market 2007 published

    Downloadable at M.I.T. Reports

  • Pharma- Building

    M.I.T. Consulting Ltd. is actively participating in Pharma- Building competitive edge programme.