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M.I.T. Reports

M.I.T. Reports are snapshots as well as comprehensive reviews about pertinent issues on our ongoing independent research activities within life sciences.

These complimentary M.I.T. Reports will be updated periodically and are available for downloading, free of charge just by filling the form below.

Interested in detailed analyses about any of the topics? Just note your specific requests by filling in page Contact us and we are sure to meet your expectations.

M.I.T. Reports downloadable free of charge:

  • MIT Short Report on Finnish pharma market 2011, 08.02.2012
    41 kB
  • MIT Short Report on Finnish pharma market 2009, 06.04.2010
    598 kB
  • MIT Short Report on Finnish pharma market 09, 28.07.2009
    41 kB
  • Survey LTS 2006, 27.11.2008
    98 kB
  • Tekes Pharma programme proposal Final, 27.11.2008
    489 kB
  • Pharma strategic analysis v4 07, 27.11.2008
    613 kB
  • Survey2006 Report Short Summary, 27.11.2008
    61 kB
  • MIT Short Report on pharma financing, 27.11.2008
    41 kB
  • MIT Short Report on IPOs 2007, 27.11.2008
    26 kB

I affirm that the usage of M.I.T. Reports and their contents is only and exclusively for my own personal and private use. No part of the work may be reproduced, transferred or transmitted in any form or by any means, electronic, mechanical, photocopying, recording, or otherwise, without prior written permission of Medical Interscience Talents M.I.T. Consulting Ltd.

M.I.T. Consulting Ltd. bears no responsibility or liability for any possible damage arising from the use of these reports.

I have read, understand and accept the above terms.