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Gofun Ltd

Gofun Ltd is a Finnish company that provides consulting, coaching and training to the Social and Healthcare sectors. Our core competence is in nursing services.

Strategic thinking combined with daily processes, work environment culture and communication at work are the focus of our services. Our aim is to reveal tacit knowledge and support the working team in finding its own solutions.

The development process always needs time to mature. The team works together to reach the desired end result, which will be based on a consistent targets planning.

Our coaching provides positive support and feedback while offering advice to an individual or a group in order to help them recognizing the ways in which they can improve the effectiveness of their business. Coaching is an excellent way to attain work behavior that improves leadership, employee accountability, teamwork, communication, goal setting and strategic planning. It can be provided in a number of ways, including one-to-one coaching and group sessions.

We work in collaboration with M.I.T. Consulting and provide joint services to the national Social and Health Care sectors.


Contact Information

Hanna Aschan, Director
gsm: +358-40-504 2892

Gofun Oy

Hietanimenkatu 6 A 4
FIN-00100 Helsinki, Finland