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MediDocs Ltd.

MediDocs Ltd. is a Finnish company in its second decade specialized in producing, revising, editing and translating medical and pharmaceutical texts. We also provide services related to clinical trials, medical advice and drug development.

MediDocs Ltd. edits and produces translations. Our core competencies lie in translating and editing texts in the fields of medicine, pharma and drug development and translations that require authorization. We work in Finnish, Swedish, English, German and Russian. Our clients come from Finland, Sweden, Britain and Germany.

We collaborate with M.I.T. Consulting and provide joined services to the international pharmaceutical industry and to biotechnology companies.


Contact Information

Phone: +358 2 437 1838
gsm: +358 40 864 93 95
Fax +358 2 4371817


MediDocs Ltd.

Lyhdetie 4
FI-21260 Raisio