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M.I.T. Consulting Ltd.


New consultant joins M.I.T. Consulting Ltd.

Marjut Ranki-Pesonen, MD, PhD. has joined our team. Her background is in pharma industry, ie. Orion Pharma. She has a long history of successfully leading projects from innovative findings to new products and processes including implementation of genomics to drug research. Recently, under her guidance the pharmacogenetic study process was mapped and implemented including a biobank for the management of biological samples and data. Her expertise was utilized by the Ministry of Social Affairs in the evaluation of the needs of a biobank law in Finland. She is well informed of the trends and regulations in pharma industry of biobanks and of biomarker research. Biomarkers are increasingly used to improve success and to manage risks of the research projects in pharma industry. Biomarkers will be the key issues to guide the development towards individualized therapies. Functioning networks with big pharma pharmacogenomic leaders is essential to keeping up with trends in this fast evolving field.

Marjut Ranki-Pesonen's expertise in combining knowledge of basic research and clinical development will be useful in evaluating the potential of early research projects and development candidates. Based on her long experience in R&D and project management Marjut Ranki-Pesonen can add value in mapping and managing R&D related processes and ensuring project implementation. She can also offer valuable guidance in building biobanks both for academic institutions and industry.